Articles on Child Rights

Please find the list of all articles archived here.

Are government schemes promoting Gender Inequality?

Child Labour in Cotton Fields-A tale of lost childhood and intermittent schooling

MVF Bridge Camp-Demystified

Complexities and Challenges in Girl’s Education

Part 1 – Complexities in Girls’ Education

Child Labour in Hyderabad Bangle Industry

  1. Little hands at work
  2. Saahil is watching
  3. Rahul’s artistic expression
  4. Maltoosh Kumar, 10, tells his story
  5. Children rescued from Bangle workshops speak
  6. Children still work near Charminar
  7. Business of Poverty in Bihar


  1. Child Rights in India 2013-14 report

Case Studies

  1. Secure Childhood
  2. Aachal won’t stop reading

Child Rights-Challenges

  1. Complexities in Girls’ Education
  2. MVF Bridge camp-demystified


  1. Hope and Patriotism

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